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our services

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Heat Pumps / AC

Air Quality




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Water Heaters



Sheet Metal

Gas Fitting

Our Commitment to the enviroment:

1. Use our resources wisely. Long life, high efficient equipment.

  • Daikin 96% efficient furnaces with stainless steel heat exchangers

  • Navien 96% efficient tankless water heaters with stainless steel heat exchangers

  • Fantech HRV's with long life german ecm motors


2. Transition to non-carbon heating systems.

  • Cold Climate Heat pumps that are high efficient and heat down to low temperatures.

3. Efficient service fleet.

  • The best, efficient service vehicles we can find to eliminate drive time, and improve service.

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Cold Climate Heat Pump

Heat pump heating to -15 C, electric or radiant backup

  • Savings - Up to 17.5 SEER2 efficiency

  • Capacity -  8.6 HSPF2 heating

  • Performance - 3 Ton Variable Swing Compressor

  • Quiet Operation - 58 Decibel Rating

  • WiFi Daikin One Thermostat

  • Warranty - 2yr Lab, 12yr Parts

Cost: $18,900 +tax

   $10,500 to 16,000 Rebate from BC Government

   $1775 Daikin Instant Rebate

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Summer Fit Rebate
$1775 Instant Rebate

about us

Heli Cool is a has been proudly serving the Elk Valley since 2004. During that time we have grown in experience and services. Tackling large projects while still providing great services with our service customers.

Big on service, means driving large fully stocked vans so we have the right parts for your job when we are on site (as often as possible). We change our stock out of our vans seasonally to match your need.

Efficiency. To us this has several meanings. Maintaining an efficient fleet. Supplying and installing long life, high efficiency products. Ensuring that or product selection lasts the test of time. Efficiency is at the heart of our business.

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. We employ the three "R's" everyday. Recycling copper, motors, cast and cardboard. Reducing the our wasted materials, and reusing packaging and shipping materials. We all need to do our part.

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Invest in Community

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Regarding the experience of your staff, what else can I say that it's outstanding, one of the best company I've ever dealt with.

Mikael Savenfalk

Heli School & Blog

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