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Christmas Disater

Christmas vacations are a great time for families to get together, go on a vacation or just get out of the cold. But leaving home during one of the coldest times of year can have its own perils. Last year I personaly had two family members who went traveling during the holidays only to return to a flooded home, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. One of the restoration projects is still under way, while the other took six months of living in a reno to finish. Both situations turned a fun time of the year into a Christmas disaster.

There are many ways a home can flood, but the most common theme is just how destructive water can be. Poly-B piping in a second floor bathroom was the culprit for one flood. A flawed toilet casting was the reason for the second. Both flooded the floor they were on, as well as all of the lower stories below them, compounding the damage. Frozen pipes near the exterior of the building are always another easy way to destroy a home. With many ways to fail, I hope we can remember a few ways to prevent the problem.

The best ways to avoid property damage from flooding:

1. Turn off your water valve before you leave for longer than a day.

2. Drain down after closing the valve, flush a basement toilet several times, or something similar.

3. Install a wi-fi thermostat with a flood sensor, which is cheaper than the deductible on an insurance policy, and way less hassle then living in a restoration.

4. Plug in an electric heater and leave it on low. This may get you by if your heat fails.

We have automated solutions that turn off your water after a default period of time without motion detected. I see this as a very pro-active way of avoiding damage without any downside, other than upfront cost. Alternatively, Honeywell Lyric thermostats have a flood sensor that can detect water, a proximity sensor to heat up your home when you are close, and an email alarm tha Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. t will notify you if your home's temperature is dropping rapidly. This is all good technology for a home. Water will do far more damage than any burglers stealing presents from under your Christmas tree.

Remember if you leave for more than several days insurance companies may not cover any damage if no one is inspecting your property. I have seen this happen, with devastating losses to the family involved.

To end on an up note, I hope you all have a great holiday season and all the best in 2019!

Jonathan and the staff from Heli Cool

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