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Fire Alarm Interlock with Make Up Air

We have had a very tragic incident in the Elk Valley this fall, which I think we all need to learn from. Im not claiming to know all the details, but I have seen the outcome and think we all need to review our safety procedures and mechanical systems. Particualrily when it comes to MUA (make up air) equipment and fire alarm contacts.

MUA units normally provide fresh air to the building, meeting ventilation requirements and replacing air being exhausted in the suites. But in the case of a fire the MUA's can supply fire with new oxygen, feeding the fire and helping is spread quicker. This is why all MUA units are equipt with a set of terminals that should be interlocked with the fire alarm system. These terminals shut the equipment down as soon as the fire alarms are triggered. Shutting off the supply of fresh oxygen to the fire.

I have seen very few, if any of these fire alarm interlocks connected. With the tragic outcome of last falls fire, I believe this needs to change. I have discuss this issue with the building and gas inspectores, both of whom have told me it is not in their juristicion. They both believe that it falls within the scope of the Fire Department to inspect. Sadley I don't believe that it is being inspected and enforced properly. I have started contacting local building owners and stratas whom I have seen are not in compliance, and have discuss this issues with the fire department. If you are uncertain about the condition of your fire alarm intelocks and MUA units, feel free to contact us at Heli Cool for a free inspection report.


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